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The Boy who Screamed Rat!

By Ali Darwish 2000
based on the Story The Athletic Mouse, by the author.

Once upon a time, there was a boy called Jimmy:
He was four years old, and far from being a dummy.
In summer, his mummy left the windows open at night
To let some fresh air in and whatever else in flight!

One night mummy tucked Jimmy in and he began to count sheep!
As she sang him his favourite lullabies he soon fell asleep!
Few hours later, Jimmy felt a heavy weight on his feet.
He slowly opened his eyes to find a big fat rat
his little toes about to eat!

Little Jimmy mustered all his strength and let out a shriek!
“Mummy! Mummy! Help me! Mummy!”, the poor soul, he could hardly speak!

“An ugly rat with a big fat tummy was nibbling on my toes!”
“Jimmy dear! It must be your sore tummy. You need to wear on more clothes!”

“But Mummy! It's not my tummy. I honestly saw a big fat rat!”
“There! There! My dearest son! Put on this fluffy cotton wool hat!”

“But Mummy! Mummy! It was really a rat. I know it!”
“Come on Jimmy! You wouldn’t know what a rat is if you actually saw it!”

“Where would it come from anyway, the house is clean?”
“It must’ve climbed up the wall and got through the mesh screen!”

“Jimmy dear! Go to sleep. I will sing you a song!”
Jimmy settled down a bit, but he was sure he wasn’t wrong!

That night Jimmy lay still in bed with Mummy lying by his side.
He kept looking at his feet with his scared eyes open wide!

Two days went by and Jimmy was now playing with a knitting ball.
He remembered how no one believed his rat story, no one at all!

He ran into the living room where everyone was sitting,
Dragging behind him the red wool ball of knitting!

As he got to the middle of the room he began to scream:
“A rat! A rat! You see it wasn’t a dream!”

Everyone jumped on the settees and chairs,
His mummy calling to him to run at once to her!

“O Mummy! It’s only a joke. No need to be afraid!”
“Jimmy! Come here right now, his mother sternly said!"

Jimmy turned round to check out the reason for this commotion!
He saw the same fat rat running after the wool ball in motion!

The rat paused for a moment then scurried back!
Jimmy’s dad gave chase; he was ready to attack!

They both went into the bathroom and the door was shut!
Jimmy, his mummy and siblings stood outside wondering what,
Or who will get out of this battle on his feet,
As they heard the banging and clamour to an erratic beat!

Soon enough silence upon the place quickly fell!
Still wondering, who was the victor, they couldn’t tell!

Slowly the doorknob turned and daddy came out
With the dazed deadbeat rat by the tail from his hand hanging out!

As they saw Daddy, Jimmy, his Mum and siblings cheered!
And looking upon the poor, beaten up rat, they all jeered!
But then Jimmy remembered his alleged dream!
He pulled his mummy’s hand as she held on to him, it seemed,
He was telling with his blue eyes, "you see mummy, it was real"!
Mummy smiled as if she was saying sorry as the dying rat let out a squeal!

“It must’ve been a gymnast that little rat, my dear Jimmy!”
Jimmy giggled as if to say, “and you thought it was my tummy, Mummy!”

The rat gasped for air and uttered before he died:
“It was me you little rascal! You could’ve simply lied!”


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