The Transfer Factor


Ali Darwish


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Scores of publications have been produced over the past 30 years looking at translation from various individual perspectives and through the eyes of different schools of thought and disciplines. Yet surprisingly our endeavor to understand this important human activity is still in its early stages. This compendium of essays and research papers written by the author over a research period of ten years discusses the translation phenomenon in an unstraitjacketed, down-to-earth, realistic manner. The author draws on his 25 years of practical experience as a professional translator and technical communicator and 10 years as educator to explore practical issues such as the translation process, translation decision-making, translator training and translation evaluation, arguing for a knowledge-based model of translation.

"This collection of essays provides the translator with the luxury of being able to view their daily task through the eyes of a critical thinker and writer. And therein lies the richest gift of this book. It offers first hand knowledge from a highly experienced translatorís perspective that synthesizes the overall process and refines the key elements of content to a level of universal applicability."

Scott M. Rogers

Senior Translation and Cross-cultural Communication Consultant, Lecturer in Translation Studies



The Transfer Factor

By Ali Darwish, Lecturer, RMIT University, Victoria, Australia
(Author of The Translator's Guide and The Interpreter's Guide)


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Publication date: 10 May 2003

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