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Ali Darwish is the founder, director and strategic planner of TSI. A technical communication, translation and knowledge management consultant since 1975, he has held positions in the field of information technology, education and knowledge transfer in the United Kingdom, the Middle East and Australia.

Ali Darwish has been actively involved in translation quality assurance and standards for the past 20 years. He has taught translation theory and practice at Australian universities for 12 years, including Deakin University and RMIT University.

He is the author of several books on translation and international and cross-cultural communication, including The Transfer Factor, The Translator's Guide, and The interpreter's Guide and numerous papers and articles. He is also the founder and chief editor of Translation Watch Quarterly.

Languages: English and Arabic

Scott M. Rogers is a technical communication and translation expert, he has held positions in the field of information technology, education and knowledge transfer since 1974 in Japan, USA and Australia.

Scott M. Rogers has been involved in translator education and training at university level and in professional settings and in quality standards.

Languages: English and Japanese.


Ali Darwish is the Director of the Board of Management.

Iman Riman is the Media and Communication Director of TSI. She is an award-winning experienced journalist, media broadcaster, translator, interpreter and social and cross-cultural mediator. She has extensive experience in media and communication, public relations and social and community development in both the public and private sectors. Iman holds several academic and professional qualifications and awards in media and communication studies, translation, information design and community development. She is a Senior Member of TSI.

Mona Baker is Professor of Translation Studies at the University of Manchester, England. She is author of In Other Words: A Coursebook on Translation, Editor of the Routledge Encyclopedia of Translation Studies, Founding Editor of The Translator: Studies in Intercultural Communication, and Editorial Director of St. Jerome Publishing.

Roger Bell is Honorary Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Linguists (London) and distinguished scholar in translation, linguistics and communication. He is author of the well-known book Translation and Translating Theory and Practice, which has been translated into Romanian and Korean, with Russian and Malay translations in progress. He has more than forty years of experience in language education as a teacher, researcher and administrator in the UK, Europe and Asia. He has held senior teaching posts at Lancaster University, University of Westminster, University of Brasília, International Islamic University (Kuala Lumpur) and University of Karachi. His publications include five books and over 60 research papers.

He is currently a Visiting Professor at the University of Westminster and a visiting member (Dosen) of the Faculty of Linguistics at Universitas Sumatera Utara – Medan, Indonesia (2003 to date).

Basil Hatim is Professor of Translation and Linguistics at the American University of Sharjah, UAE. He is a highly respected authority on translation and has written extensively on translation theory and applied translation studies. His publications include  Discourse and The Translator. The Translator as Communicator (both with Ian Mason), Communication Across Cultures, Teaching and Researching Translation, and Translation An Advanced Resource Book (with Jeremy Munday).  A leading theorists in text-linguistics. 

Hassan Mustapha is Chair of the Department of English and Director of the English Language Centre, Alhosn University, UAE. He is former Dean of the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Translation at Ajman University of Science and Technology, United Arab Emirates, and former Head of the Department of Translation, at Salford University, England. 

Board Responsibilities

The Board of Management strategically oversees the governance of the Translation Standards Institute (TSI). It is primarily responsible for deciding the Institute's priorities, policies and strategies with the aim of fulfilling the Institute’s objectives and mission.

The Board of Management consists of six members serving in a voluntary and unpaid capacity except for reimbursement of pre-approved out-of-pocket expenses. 

The Board of Management meets four times a year to steer the Institute's future work and to deal with issues relating to the Institute.

Since the Board mostly comprises international and interstate members in various locations, the meetings will be conducted through the online TSI forum, and TSI Board members will communicate frequently through email.


The mission-driven activities of the Translation Standards Institute are overseen by the following committees:


Standards and Methods Committee

Membership Committee

Training and Professional Development Committee

Translation Technology Committee
Publications Committee

Conference Committee

Committee members are selected to maintain balanced representation of academic and professional perspectives.

Individuals wishing to serve on any of these committees on a voluntary basis are welcome to submit a professional profile and a proposal on how they would contribute to the development of these committees and to the mission of the Institute, preferably by email to:

Ali Darwish
Translation Standards Institute
P O Box 418
Patterson Lakes
Victoria 3197



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