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Increasingly, translation is playing a significant role in forensic analysis and criminal investigations. A new multidisciplinary knowledge domain is emerging in Translation Studies that can be termed Forensic Translation.

Three notable events have placed translation under the spotlight in recent years: The O. J. Simpson Trial, The Bin Laden Tapes and Aljazeera correspondent Tayseer Alluni's Trial—all involve crucial and controversial evidence based on translation. Evidence of presumed guilt, authorship attribution, and complicity are only three areas of translation involvement in today's global, cross-cultural settings.

Translation Watch Quarterly invites submissions from academics and professionals in the areas of forensics, criminal justice, forensic linguistics, translation and adjacent disciplines, for a special December 2006 issue devoted to examining the role of translation in forensics and criminal investigations.

Submissions should demonstrate a deep understanding of the current issues of Forensic Translation problems, procedures, techniques and standards.

Submissions to this peer-reviewed journal should be between 8 and 20 pages in APA format. Send enquiries, proposals and submissions to:

Ali Darwish
Chief Editor
P O Box 418 Patterson Lakes, Victoria 3197

or preferably by email at

The deadline for submitting a completed manuscript is August 31, 2006.

All submissions are double-blind peer-reviewed.


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