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As an independent, non-government standards organization based in Australia, TSI is a resource for translators and translation providers worldwide. Our goals are:

  • to work in partnership with local and international organizations, governments, industry and business representatives

  • to promote quality translation standards

  • to promote best practices in translation

towards translating professional knowledge into streamlined professional practices and standards.

TSI is committed to raising the standards of the translation services industry by:

  • providing practical, contemporary and innovative education

  • defining competencies and performance standards

Our mission is to improve translation practices and raise the standards of translation practitioners through:

  • Development of private, national and international translation standards.

  • Provision of advice and support to translators and organizations and businesses commissioning and hiring translators in government and private sectors.

  • Independent certification of translation standards

  • Provision of training in modern translation processes, methodologies, strategies and techniques best suited to specific business and educational contexts

  • Development of translation metrics for private and government organizations, translation agencies and translation services providers.

  • Translation Quality assurance and validation services.

TSI focuses on standards development to support the the Translation Development Lifecycle in areas where translation standards do not exist.


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