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Translation Watch Quarterly (TWQ) is an international peer-reviewed journal devoted to translation and interpreting studies with a special focus on quality assessment and standards.

Translation Watch Quarterly subscribes to the professional ethic of peer review and scholarly integrity endorsed by quality journals in the fields of translation and interpreting studies, education, and empirical research. All submissions are evaluated purely and strictly on the merits of their contribution to knowledge.

Consequently, all submissions are blind peer reviewed. Articles considered suitable by the Editor will be subject to blind review and refereed by at least two reviewers, and the Editor may recommend revision and re-submission. Personal details such as the author's name, academic affiliation, country and postal and or email addresses are concealed from the reviewers.

Some reviewers may wish to remain anonymous. Therefore, double blind reviews may be conducted where both the author and the reviewer remain anonymous to one another. Reviewers' names shall not be divulged to the author without the express written consent of the reviewers. 

When reviewing a submission, provide constructive feedback to the authors on how their work might be improved. However, this is a newly established international journal, and the editors expect a high standard of articles. Any submissions that do not significantly contribute to research or to professional practice, are erroneous, or poorly written, should be rejected.

All submissions to the journal are reviewed for originality, importance, accuracy, and relevance. As a reviewer, you must:

  • respect the deadline you agree on

  • maintain the focus of the main objective of the review

  • have an adequate level of technical understanding relevant to the subject-matter of the article

  • have experience in the type of article you are asked to review

  • have adequate time for the review, and above all

  • be constructive

Write your comments clearly in the Reviewer's Report Form provided, indicating what is needed, what is missing and how the article might be improved. 

As TWQ is published quarterly, we aim for a three-month maximum turnaround for all submissions. Consequently, your review should be completed within six weeks.

Reviews should be returned, preferably electronically to:

Ali Darwish
Founding and Chief Editor
P O Box 418 Patterson Lakes, Victoria 3197

Email: darwish@surf.net.au  


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