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Founding and Chief Editor
Ali Darwish

Translation Watch Quarterly (TWQ) is an international peer-reviewed journal devoted to translation and interpreting studies, with a special focus on quality assessment and standards. TWQ publishes articles that are of interest to practising translation and interpreting professionals and to university and industry researchers.

TWQ encourages submissions of innovative and original articles in all areas of translation and interpreting. TWQ publishes the following types of article:

General Articles
General articles give perspectives on issues, problems or new directions and developments pertaining to translation and interpreting quality in various industries and settings including translation and interpreting education.

Research Articles
Research articles present new data, methods, and or theoretical models in translation and interpreting related areas. A research article should include an abstract of no more that 150 words and a maximum of 30 items in the reference list.

Country Profile
A country profile presents issues and matters pertaining to translation and interpreting quality standards and practices in a particular country. Each issue will include at least one country profile and a maximum of two.

Book Reviews
Book reviews present a critique of books related to translation and interpreting and to quality systems and methodologies applicable to translation and interpreting.  

Preference is given to articles that address translation and interpreting quality issues and standards across disciplines. 

Submitting manuscripts to TWQ
Manuscripts should be saved in Word format and emailed to the editor along with a cover page stating name, email address and where applicable, academic affiliation. If a submission includes graphics and pictures, these should be saved in JPG format and sent as a separate attachment along with the submission.


Ali Darwish
Founding and Chief Editor
P O Box 418 Patterson Lakes, Victoria 3197

Email: darwish@surf.net.au  



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