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All subscriptions must be paid in advance in Australian currency by cheque or money order. Refunds and cancellations are not accepted.


Subscriptions are accepted on a calendar year basis ending 31 December. Subscribers to the Journal at any time of the year will receive the issues published in the subscription year. For example, if you subscribe in July, you will receive the March and June issues of the subscription year when you subscribe and the rest of the issues as they become available in that year.


Prepayment is required for all subscriptions. Pro forma invoices may be sent on request, but issues will not be mailed without receipt of payment. Prices are subject to change without notice.


Claims for missing copies must be submitted within six months of publication date.


Sample Issues are available from the editor. Hardcopy versions are AUD $20 each issue (plus postage and packing) and electronic copies are free of charge. To obtain a sample copy, write to Subscriptions and Membership at transqa@surf.net.au or at the address below. Send cheques or money orders, payable to Translation Standards Institute, to: 


P O Box 418 Patterson Lakes, Victoria 3197


Please note that since 2006 is our first full year of publication, with a single inaugural issue published in December 2005, separate issues are NOT available for 2006. To receive the issues you want, you will need to have a full subscription. Subscribers in 2006 will receive four 2006 issues plus their special copy of the inaugural 2005 issue as an introductory offer.


P O Box 418 Patterson Lakes, Victoria 3197

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Email: transqa@surf.net.au  


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