Book Reviews

Language to Language
Christopher Taylor
Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1998. 
ISBN 0 521 59723 4, 341 pp, 24.5 cm x 18.8 cm, paperback.
Book Review by Ali Darwish

Conference Interpreting Explained
Roderick Jones
Manchester: St Jerome Publishing, second edition 2002.
ISBN 1-900650-57-6, 142 pp, 24.5 cm x 17 cm, paperback.
Book Review by Ali Darwish

The Translator's Guide
Ali Darwish
Melbourne: Writescope. 2001.
ISBN 0-957-751-109, 450 pp, 23.50 cm x 17 cm, paperback.
Book Review by Jeannette Hourani

The Translator's Guide and Scientific Research
Book Review by Ali Abusalem (Arabic)

A New Breakthrough in Translation
Book Review by the Syrian Ambassador to Australia
His Excellency Dr Tammam Suleiman (Arabic)

A Handbook for Translator Trainer
Dorothy Kelly
Manchester: St Jerome Publishing,
Translation Practices Explained: Volume 10, second edition.
ISBN 1-900650-81-9, Pp. 200 Paperback
Book Review by Ali Darwish






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