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New Release, April 2007

The Book of Wonders of Arabic Blunders in Journalism, Politics and Media (2007) ISBN 0-975-741-934, Melbourne: Writescope

This book presents yet another daring critique of Arabic translation standards in journalism, politics and the media and examines the social and cultural impact of Arabic satellite television on modern Arab societies! It contains an introduction and 17 articles, papers and essays, relentlessly exploring various aspects of Arabic usage and incisively examining the critical role satellite television is playing in establishing and promoting expressions that not only violate language norms and standards and introduce cultural mismemes, but also defy logic in any language.                                                            



Language, Translation and Identity (2005) ISBN 0-957-751-141, Melbourne: Writescope

This book contains interconnected articles and research papers in Arabic on issues relating to language, translation, cross-cultural translation-mediated communication, and knowledge transfer. It explores the crisis of language, translation and identity in the Arabic language media in the age of the Internet and Satellite television.



The Transfer Factor (2003) ISBN 0-957-751-192, Melbourne: Writescope

The Interpreter's Guide (2003) (in Arabic) ISBN 0-957-751-125, Melbourne: Writescope

The Translator's Guide (2001) (in Arabic) ISBN 0-957-751-109, Melbourne: Writescope

Elements of Translation (forthcoming) ISBN 0-957-751-168, Melbourne: Writescope


Translating Official Documents (in press) ISBN 0-957-751-133, Melbourne: Writescope

Translation-Oriented English Coursebook (1990)

A Guide to Writing International English (1990)

Technical Writing for International Readers (1995), Melbourne: Oryx Technicom


Managing Translation Projects (1989)

A Guide to Preparing English Text for Translation (1989)

Translation Engineering (1991)

Digital Arabic Dictionary of Computer Terms (1987), Reading: Digital







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